How African Country people react towards social media

African Country people

Now a day there is a great trend of social media. People really can’t imagine their life without having an access to the internet.

People in Australia are spending more of their time in using their social media accounts. The last thing they do before going to bed. According to a report from Yellow Social Media 2018, 31% of the people from Australia check their social media accounts before sleeping. People in Australia when waking up in the morning, the first thing they do is to be online on their social media accounts. The second most to be online till late at nights are the regional Aussies. Other than this, this study surveys more than 1516 consumers from Australia out of which 55 percent were found to be living in Australia and having access to the internet more than four times a day by using a mobile phone or a laptop.

The platforms which are being used by Australian users, according to the statistical results are Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram. The facebook accounts have the checking of 40 times per week on average and the second highest country is considered to be South Wales which has got the 42 percent of average. Youtube users are 46%, Instagram followers are 29 percent and 21 percent is of Snapchat.

Almost 35 percent of the African use their social media accounts to raise their voices and in support of topical issues which they face. These people use their social media accounts for such activities as they find it the easiest. If you are a regional African then there are very fewer chances for you to get bullied on social media platforms as compared to those who are in cities. To make voice viral through instagram, buy instagram likes and share it with your circle.

This report also shows the statistics of parental control over the children regarding their social media accounts. In case of regional Australians, 32 percent of the parents allow their children to use their social media accounts as they want, while 25 percent of them impose a restriction upon excessive use and the 19 percent don’t allow their children to have social media accounts.

  • The statistics of this report regarding consumer behavior contains the following points:
  • Almost 60 percent of the Australian population use internet 5-6 times per day.
  • The reason which these people give for the use of social media is to stay connected with their friends.
  • The portion of people who feel that they spend the most of their time on social media is 36 percent.
  • 24 percent of the population doesn’t have social media accounts because they have the fear that their personal information may not get leaked.
  • Third of the population suffer from sleeping issues due to social media.
  • 14 percent of the populations have been bullied on their social media accounts.
  • 33 percent of the people found fake contents and information on social media.

So these are some statistics of the country people and their reactions towards social media platforms they are on.