Fashion Bloggers, Influence & Trend Games in Africa

Fashion blogger's life

Instagram for girls is more like a fashion platform than a social media channel. Most of the girls on Instagram love fashion, and they are always striving to show up their fashion sense to the whole and this something like fashion blogging. Instagram acts as a fashion blog for the girls in several ways, and these are the reasons and ways to guide the girl users about how they can convert their Instagram into a fashion stage.

Observe the new and hot stuff

The critical point of vital importance in every goal to achieve is to focus and observe the things keenly. You need to have precise and accurate knowledge about the upcoming fashion and new trends. You can read magazines and books; you can also use the internet to search about the most popular and hot designs which are currently in popularity. You can also go through the profiles of fashion icons and celebrities. Once you have searched for everything, you would have the clear understanding of the trends and fashion.

Use old and new clothes in Africa

Some users think that way and glamour mean wearing new clothes. Well, it is not like that when you want to be a fashion icon or a fashion blogger, you need to act smartly and think intelligently. Change of fashion doesn’t mean that you’d throw your old dresses. You need to show people your skills of the way and for this purpose use everything you find to be attractive. You can also make alterations to the present styles to make it look different and fresh. It also helps you in doing shopping as you know what is in trend and you’ll shop only those things which you’d think to be fashionable.


Quality and the pixels both matter

In a fashion blog, there are two things which matter a lot. One is the quality of the clothes and second is the pixels of the picture you upload on social media. In fact, people get attracted towards amazing and high-quality images, and for those, the clothing quality and style is the second important thing. So you have to keep this in your mind that focus on both, the quality of cloth and the pixels of the picture as they both are of equal importance and worth for your followers.

Use of hashtags in Kenya

On Instagram campaigns, a hashtag is the thing of crucial importance. There are around millions of Instagram users and if you buy instagram followers cheap, your content will be boosted boosted, and thus a lot of people can see the pictures to posts. Try to add the most searched and usually liked keywords as hashtags in the post. This will increase the audience engagement and their interest in your pictures and the fashion contents upload by you.

Be updated

Be updated about what you post and keep your profile updated according to the changing fashion trends and values. Being updated doesn’t mean to remove or delete the previous old content from your account. But it says that keep posting stuff according to the changing fashion.