africa 2026

My Africa 2026

Today, I have been honoured by Her Majesty The Queen with an MBE, and the irony of this won’t be lost on many of you who are aware of what I do. I don’t vigorously promote Africa and build ties between the continent, her diaspora, and the UK to receive awards, honours, or recognition. I […]

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How to record whole travel experience with travel writing

Travel experience is really huge and it offers a lot of things to the traveler. These things can be preserved in the form of travel writings. People get out of their comfort zone and learn about new things in the world. Among all the other journals, travel journals are really popular. All the knowledge and […]

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Building quality African brands is key to the continent’s growth

Establishing effective trade between Africa and the UK is absolutely essential. With Britain’s future in the EU on a knife edge, looking south towards the African continent for new or old trading partners may appear to be an apt strategy, especially given the majority of Africa’s agricultural exports to the UK are directed through the […]

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Dentaa with her MBE and family

My MBE: a wait and then a weight

My MBE: a wait and then a weight ‘My friends don’t believe me when I say that we are going to see the Queen’. The words of the my eldest son. As my appointment date at the Palace drew ever closer, my home has been a melting pot of emotions and feelings. Tension. Pressure. Excitement. […]

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